a girl’s guide to being popular | 01


Part parody, part real life.
by her & me

  1. Visit stores like Forever 21, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Hollister.  Spend as much money as possible, which will give you a right to brag to others. Short skirts are trendy: so buy and wear some skater skirts to pair with crop tops. Try not to let too much skin be covered. Buy tank tops that expose your back, and give people around you an almost-full view of what you’re wearing underneath your shirt.
  2. Dye your hair. The more drastic the change, the better: choose the wildest colors you can.
  3. Get your ears pierced. Always be seen wearing long earrings. 
  4. Choose a male celebrity or boy band, and show everyone how obsessed you are with him: constantly comment on his/their cuteness and perfection.
  5. Get the latest smartphone, and text constantly. Find the numbers of everyone at your school, and save them in your contacts.  Occasionally, prank call them.
  1. Never be seen shopping at Target or Walmart.
  2. Try not to show your natural hair to people around you.
  3. Don’t go anywhere alone. Always have a friend with you.
  4. Don’t read. Instagram other types of social networking are highly recommended in its place.
  5. Try not to stop eating at any point: you always need to be carrying some sort of snack in your pocket.
  6. Always shift weight from hip to hip.
  7. Twirl and flip your hair as much as possible.
  8. Try not to go very long without earbuds in your ears.


  1. Hey guys,
    I am Ashley and I love ur post. I'm doing almost all of these things, I'm trying to be popular. Oh, btw, u didn't mention the makeup lol. u shd wear lots of foudation, cream, and blush, the more the better :). bright orange lipstick is the sexiest! always bring a little pocket mirror with u and touch up ur makeup @ random moments :)
    ashley k.

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  2. Cool post :) Good Job! How many blogs do you have?

    1. Thank you! I discontinued a few old blogs-- this is currently the only one I post on.


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