a girl’s guide to being popular | 02


Learn to chat well.
  1. Doubling (also tripling, quadrupling, or more) the last letter of what you’re writing is the new trend. 
  2. Replace the simple word “hi” with the flashier, cooler “hai.” Try “haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” instead or “hi,” and “baiiiiiiiiii” instead of “bye.”
  3. On chat, being silent is absolutely not allowed. Send a quick “lol” while you’re thinking— regardless of the subject you’re thinking about is funny or not. 
  4. When someone thanks you, never reply with a mere “thank you.” Use the more modest approach and send back “haha thanks.” Once again, it doesn’t matter if what you’re talking about is funny or not.
  5. Use emoticons as much as possible.
  6. Stick to one case: either everything in lowercase, or everything in capital letters. Never capitalize the beginning of sentences, and punctuation is strictly prohibited, including apostrophes, commas, periods, and question marks. 
  7. If you’re a little unsure of something, add “ummm” before sending it. Make sure that there are multiple “m”s.


go on, make my day. ❤