listening to... Various movements of Carmen Suite No. 1 on repeat.

wishing... That people would actually read this, and that fall will hurry up and come the warm, summery weather's becoming a little boring.

loving... I honestly can’t get enough of this. I don't think this intense infatuation will ever pass.

working on... Figuring out how to use our professional camera— it’s been sitting in my room for a long time, and hopefully I’ll read its manual and start to use it soon. 

watching... A blurry orchestra on my computer screen and/or scrolling through 13 pages of Ender’s Game gifs.

thanking... Whoever invented the clarinet. (Which, by the way, is a reference to this, again!) 

laughing about... I entered a few keywords into some blog post idea generator, and it came up with this:
I didn't know it was for business blogs only!

writing... A story about a girl with autism!

wishing... I had a small black composition book to write in— I guess it's just an aesthetic thing.

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