I will be your teacher


I will be your teacher.

That is what they say to us on our orientation days, our brains unwillingly letting go of summer and growing used to sitting in plastic chairs and taking notes.

Some things, of course, go unsaid: we have to call them Mrs., Miss, or Mr.; we have to respect them. Some teachers simply demand our respect, they're loud, strict, and no-nonsense.

There is always the teacher that comes by ever so often who we we just want to respect-- that's the teacher whose room we visit when we have extra time, the one who we go to help, the one we throw the surprise party for...

Being a teacher isn't easy: you're automatically subject to students talking about you behind your back, a search on ratemyteachers.com can bring up a slew of bad reviews.

Everything about you will be dissected and analyzed: from the way you teach, to the clothes you wear, to how much you eat.

But they have immense power too: few adults can make a child as nervous as a teacher can. Year after year, they watch students present, take tests: some ace the class, and others fail. 

After all, the mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

But all teachers do teach, so thank you.

(Sometimes) at your service,



go on, make my day. ❤