There are so many little memories and blessings from our childhood that many of us just cast aside.
Here's a small list of some of my personal "kindergarten recollections"-- little thoughts, moments, and dreams from back then.

Inspired by the wonderful Bridget from Deer Circus

 from the joyous days of jumpers & short hair:

coloring with crayons
graham crackers and apple juice
doing monkey bars and being so proud of your blisters
watching the clouds
needing a stepstool
nap time
blowing bubbles and jumping up to pop them
waking up late
eating lunch before coming to school
perfect handwriting
dressing up in velvety capes from a dusty costume box
booster seats
short hair and bangs
brightly colored tricycles
Magic Tree House books
handwritten letters and notes
simple innocence
the sandbox
long, restful days at the beach
learning addition and subtraction for the first time
the clean-up song
looking up to the "big kids" (a.k.a. the fourth graders)
learning how to snap your fingers
girls being friends with boys and vice versa
having a real, actual baby sister

Those are just a few of those little things that I remember-- what stands out to you from back then?

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