wiped clean


Perhaps you’re wondering what happened to my theme.

You’re in luck.

When I first started my blog, I chose the url “unadornedgifts.blogspot.com” for a reason. I’d seen plenty of blogs with extravagant themes by the time I decided to start my own, and I wanted mine to be simple. Unadorned

In fact, the theme when I first made my blog public was something along the lines of this. (Quick spot of self promo: this HTML theme is a great start if you want to redesign your blog.) It was incredibly simple. (Too simple, now that I look back on it.) As time went on, I started to add a few gadgets, pictures, image maps. Gradually, so slowly that I barely noticed, my blog was becoming more and more adorned

I’ll admit it-- I was probably thinking about followers, page views, and comments too much to really think about what my blog was becoming. Was it really what I’d originally expected it to be?

The main reason why I made my blog so fancy? Pride. It’s all because of my pride: it’s because I can code. I can make a blog look pretty unique, and I wanted to show people, prove it to them, stick it right in their faces. Look at my blog: look at this calligraphy, colorful sidebar, different alignments, and shadowy text.

Because really, how “unadorned” does this look to you?

What it really boils down to: people like a blog for its content: whether it be writing, art, or photography. Not its theme.

I’ve spent hours on Blogger’s Template Designer, tweaking colors, images, and borders. I’ve spent hours on PicMonkey and Canva, trying to design the perfect header image. 

I know that my new theme doesn’t completely satisfy me; it’s so plain, and I can design fancier things.

But I’m going to leave my pride behind, and maybe get around to posting some of my 80 half-finished drafts.


go on, make my day. ❤