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Hello from (not-so-sunny) California! (What a stereotype!) I've gained a handful of extra readers over the last few months, and I thought I'd do an intro-type post about me and why I started this blog. I'll link back to a few older posts within this one. Sounds good?

Well, strap in.

I started blogging just a year ago, with an informal, online "diary-type" blog, accompanied by a slew of blurry iPhone images. After a few months, I decided that it didn't really express me, and I discontinued it soon after. (Yes, it's private now.)

I'm often asked about my blogging inspirations. Truth is: I have a lot, and I'm constantly trying to model my own blog after others. Doesn't really work. My top ones are definitely Samantha Heather, Deer Circus (is this blog run by the ghost of Emily Dickinson?? it sure feels like it!), a new tiger in town, and The girl who loved to write about life. I read my favorite blogs a lot (too much??) and they're always so inspirational. Oh, and Beloved Bluebird. (all these beautiful blogs, oh my!!)

I have an unhealthy fear of sounding "stupid" or "bad at writing," so I (accidentally) have 129 drafts. Oops.

I don't do poetry (really, you don't want to see me try), but I love Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost. I absolutely love this.

Anyway, I recently acquired a love for Starbucks (ah, now I know what all those teenagers are talking about! that friend-induced vanilla bean frappuccino made all the difference... mmmmm). I also like to take selfies.

More about me...(I was going to do one of those cheesy "11 Facts About Me" numbered lists, but I vetoed that at the last minute. Maybe I shouldn't have.)

I have a sister (two years younger than me), and a few close friends. I'm antisocial, remember? 

I have a few blogging resolutions which I try to stick to as much as possible. I can't say that I'm succeeding... it really bugs me when I put up a post and it gets no comments, although that shouldn't matter! I'm trying...

I'm such a romantic. I love flimsy, dreamy, beautiful things. I start to feel nostalgic very easily; sometimes, I really miss kinder/garten! (Two separate links there.)

That's me. 

now, click here.

(Oh, and I love to comment on posts I love!! Drop your url in the comments section below, and I promise to check it out!)


  1. Great post Arushuee! :D
    Oh my, 129 drafts?! You take blogging so seriously:) I have to learn more from you:)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  2. Haha all these links. And I love taking selfies too!! My mum told me Starbucks isn't very good, but all my friends seem to love it so maybe I should try... whenever I find one in this outdated city I live in...

    The Life of Little Me

  3. And, you, my dear girl - are an extraordinary writer. I wouldn't miss a due visit to your blog for the world. I always leave very inspired.
    Can I say, you are very talented, and I love reading your posts.
    Also, after this post, I've discovered we have much in common. :)
    Till next time. ♥

    1. ...and you are far too sweet! It's great to hear that we have things in common, and I'm so glad that my posts inspire you! Thank you so much :)

  4. PS: Don't try and mold your blog to the shape of others - it's perfect as it is, and I love it.

  5. That's a lot of drafts! Do you ever go through them and edit and publish them? I do that sometimes as a lot are great ideas, just unfinished ones!

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you! Yes, I do go through them quite often, it's often a great source of inspiration for me!

  6. This post is wonderful! :) It's great to know more about you. I found this blog through simply bloghopping and I really do enjoy reading it. I just followed you too. Keep blogging! :D


    P.S. Hope you can visit my blog hihi

  7. Hi Arushee! I found this blog through your about page, and I love all these cool facts! I think I share your fear of "bad writing"...since I have over 170 drafts!!! I never knew I had so many! Haha! Awesome post. :)

    1. I know I'm super late getting back to this comment-- but thank you, Eve!


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