how to cope with being antisocial


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Us antisocials often find ourselves in a situation where we're just forced to talk to other people. Here are a few ways to cope:
  1. Go on your phone. Worst case scenario: tap vigorously at a blank screen. Smile and frown convincingly.
  2. Go to the bathroom. Lock the stall door, and do whatever you want in there: text, read a book, use your laptop, just while away time...Nobody will know. Nobody will want to know.
  3. Call up one of your friends, and start a loud, pointless conversation with them. (Added bonus: if you’re outside, put on a pair of sunglasses.) This just screams, “I’M NOT INTERESTED. STAY AWAY.” Works like a charm.
  4. Walk up to someone who looks relatively quiet, ask "hey, are you antisocial, too?" and just go from there.


  1. I usually smile as reply for my part of conversation when I am forced to be a part of any conversation I don't want to and think how cool would it be I could be invisible (turns out it'd be pretty awesome every single time!) or what if they would all just shut up (that turns out to be peaceful :P) :P :P

    Neal Kind
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  2. I'm pretty sure I've done all of these multiple times, especially the phone and bathroom scenarios. However, I have improved making small talk to the point where I can keep a conversation going for a few minutes. ;)

    1. haha, i'm glad you can relate!! being able to keep up a stream of small talk for a few minutes is a valuable skill, though :)


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