she was a hit


she was a hit.

there really isn't a better word to describe it: she was a hit from the moment she stepped into her first class. her hair was long, glossy, and platinum blonde: ideal to be styled by the hundreds of eager fingers lined up to exhibit their french braiding talent. 

as time went on, her instagram followers skyrocketed and people practically begged to talk to her. everyone wanted to try out waterfall braids on her ultra-long hair. people asked her for make-up advice. her phone's text message box was perpetually full.

she was the queen bee, surrounded by wannabes.

from the moment she stepped out of high school and into the doors of a mediocre college, it was gone. it was just like that--poof!--and the world she had known all her life had crumbled around her. she slowly slipped into a state of depression.

she no longer knew how to develop her self-image and to build up relationships for herself.


people are popular because we make them popular. if our society didn't just go ahead and give them that power, they simply wouldn't have it.

if you feel unpopular and unloved now, remember that it doesn't last. 


  1. Omg, love this article!

  2. Goodness, simply magnificent! Very well written and was so enjoyable to read. :)

  3. Everything in this post is so beautiful and true!
    Thank you Arushee <3
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  4. Yes, everything in this world doesn't last .
    Thanks for being inspiring, Arushee !

    Artha | Grass Flower

  5. This is the definition of fabulous!
    You are a very talented writer!

  6. WOW! This article is amazing. You have serious writing skills!


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