types of trick-or-treat houses


  1. those peanut wo(men): The one house that you can't help but encounter every single time-- that seems to be perpetually stocked with pretzels, peanuts, and whole apples.
  2. the dog-lover: That oversized lady who shrieks out a hurried "Happy Halloween" over the deafening barking of dogs, and, with a hasty "Bye!" slams the door on the paws of ten bloodthirsty hounds.
  3. begging to be looted: There's always those few houses who leave out a meager tray of candy with a little sign reading "Take One." From there, the formula is simple. One: Pick up the tray. Two: Empty its contents into your candy basket. Which kid doesn't?
  4. just plain terrified: These people seemed positively terrified at the thought of children knocking on the door and expecting candy in reward for saying the mere words “Trick or Treat.” They toss a couple Starbursts at you and slam the door on your face.
  5. the jackpot: That house with a large bowl full of unopened packs of Starburst and jumbo Butterfingers. (Are these people just unusually nice? Or unusually lazy-- too lazy to even open their jumbo packs of candy??)
  6. over-achievers: The old married couple who spends hundreds of dollars on extravagant decorations-- that they'll take down in just a day. But they do enjoy the occasional weak-hearted person shriek in terror as the plastic spider lunges toward them.
(My sister and I had a sudden brainwave, and we came up with list of names after visiting quite a few houses. I'm not exaggerating in this list at all.)

Loldogs, just kidding (kind of)! At least I'm left with this pile of bliss after stopping at the variety of houses:
i didn't even take this picture. i'm so lazy.


  1. Wow!! My brother and I were lucky just to get a chupa chup.. Halloween is not big in Australia that's for sure! Hope you enjoy all that candy! :D

  2. Hahaha! This made me laugh! XD
    I went trick or treating last night! Like Evelyn, I live in Australia too so we didn't return home with lots of candy. How I wish Australians celebrate Halloween like Americans do!:)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  3. I went with J and I'm thinking the exact same thing! WHY CAN'T WE HAVE OVERACHIEVING COUPLES AND APPLE LADIES!? Haha. I went last year as well in a special neighbourhood where they do a great Halloween though. And we encountered one of those begging-to-be-looted places. Aha. yup that's exactly what happened. I actually love this post so much :')

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Yes, the begging-to-be-looted places are by far the best!

  4. We don't even have halloween in India -_- -_-
    We have all kinds of crazy festivals but we don't have halloween I mean what is up with that -_-

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. ...at least you still have candy in India!

  5. Cool post, it is so sad that in India we don't celebrate such an awesome festival like halloween!
    Followed you it would be awesome if you could follow me back at- http://readandreviewbyasmita.blogspot.in/

    1. Thank you! I've sent you a message. (Which, by the way, is a fancy way of saying "I commented on your blog.")


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