you have that power.


sometimes, I envy the birds. they fly through the air: smoothly, carelessly, freely...

we see their thin body and wings silhouetted until the darkening sky, swooping down quickly and up again. from a distance, they don't look small. they look powerful.

why can't we be like them? so dreamy, free, and full of power...

we are.

always remember that you're a powerful person. even if you feel the complete opposite, you have so much power over everyone in your life: you can make people feel happy, sad, insecure...

so why not make them smile?

try it. talk to someone, crack a joke, make someone laugh today, and you'll feel a million times more powerful. making someone else feel good will make you feel good.

say hi to someone you pass in the hallway. when you see someone you know, just flash them a smile.

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  1. Smiles are truly very powerful~

    Vanshi || Upwardss

  2. Thanks for this amazingly positive post!! We do have power, and it's time each and every one of us used our power for something positive. I'm loving the pictures and the bird analogy xx You're a great writer!!

    The Life of Little Me

  3. This is....amazing!!! I know personally that even walking through the store if someone just smiles at me it had a world of difference. Our words and actions can change the world, one person at a time. Beautiful post, arushee!


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