japanese cherry blossom


^^ see the dark pink bottle in its half-empty, black + white glory

The scent is like a little slice of heaven.

Smell is, without doubt, the best sense that we possess. Each aroma is connected to a certain personal memory: it's different for everyone, which is what makes smell so intriguing.

For instance, the smell of roses reminds me of a walk I once took on a drizzly afternoon. As I strolled up and down our street, I inhaled the scent of flowers, wafted into the air by the gentle wind. It was a beautiful feeling. Now: a fresh-cut rose Yankee Candle is just perfect.

But the cherry blossom's flowery fragrance is relatively new to me. I haven't quite placed a finger on it yet. 

It takes time.

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  1. Next time I go to Bath and Body Works I will definitely see what the scent is like. :) I have a cinnamon apple scented room spray, and it reminds me of the holidays. When I was little, my mom would spray some in the Christmas time, and it always made our home feel so warm and cozy. I love how scents connects us with certain memories. Almost like a mind portal that takes you back to our happy memories every time we smell a familiar scent. Lovely post! <3

    1. That sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you agree :)

  2. Lovely post!
    I would make some sort of poetic comment to go with this idea, but it looks as though Eve has already done so ;)
    I will say though: You are an amazing writer! I'm in awe every time I read one of your posts ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that :)


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