if only time would permit


We yearn for time to slow down the most when it's speeding up relentlessly and we just can't keep up.

Yesterday was one of those days, and I simply ached for one of my "if-only" activities.

Like slowly sipping a tall bottle of vanilla-flavored Odwalla juice and reveling in the sugary glory

or taking a long, long walk somewhere and perhaps stopping and smelling the roses on the way

or growing my own garden, full of lush foliage and scented flowers

or getting on a flight to a random city somewhere and staying there for a week, with absolutely no itinerary or reservations

or writing, until my hands and brain are wholly overworked.

but let's be real here: most of all, I'd like to collapse on my bed, turn my laptop volume all the way up, and watch three hours straight of laugh-out-loud YouTube videos.

If only time would permit.


go on, make my day. ❤