the first sentence


for this post, I'm snatching an image from pinterest.
my sleeping space looks nothing like this--
it really is a huge leap from royalty to reality.
As it nears midnight, my thought process reverses itself: the pithy opening lines seem to dematerialize, only to be replaced by poetic-- though extremely dull-- middle sentences. The plot unfolds drily. 

Sometimes, I write in my head.

I find myself engaging in the late-night frenzy of fashioning paragraphs, each word fancier than the previous one...

only it all to disappear the next morning.

It is when I finally awaken and the perfectly crafted phrases erase themselves that I find myself searching for a superior algorithm. 

The newest formula I've established is incredibly simple-- 

Start at the beginning. 

Convince yourself that for now, the first sentence is enough. Conceive it, edit it, and play with it as much as you please.

Then, the most menial task of all, but undoubtedly the most important: memorize it.

This is actually a technique I use quite often-- and it has never failed me. Try it out next time you have a chance: it's the perfect way to construct that elusive first sentence.


  1. Mm, words at night are a wonderful thing, when you can craft them with your full engagement. I like what you say about one sentence, just narrowing everything down, simplifying, intensifying.
    Sometimes I have so many words spinning around it keeps me from sleeping, though, haha and then I like to put something a little more trustworthy in my head- I'll usually try to memorize some of God's Words, a good verse from the Bible that's really stuck out and caught me, or one of His promises. :)

  2. I'm guessing I'm not the only one that writes stuff in her head before she goes to sleep? I don't remember my lovely wording when I actually sit down to type it either. But maybe i'll tru your first sentence thing...

    The Life of Little Me

  3. thanks for the follow :) I can tell that you have a real gift for writing!

  4. Usually I get inspired with writing ideas when I am in the middle of class...or lying in bed! And yes...all in the inspiration will be gone in the morning!
    -Lauren <3

  5. I just followed your lovely blog!

    1. hey! thank you so much! i'm happy you've decided to follow along :)

  6. This is so relatable-- I often find myself narrating beautifully crafted sentences at night only to be lost in the morning.

  7. Wow, these are beautiful words. Great post! :)

  8. You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award!! :)

    1. Oh thank you! I actually don't do most awards/tags, but I'm honored to be nominated!


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