50 little things // part 1


50. when the roses finally bloom.
49. iphone photoshoots.
48. when my sister doesn't fight with me.
47. fresh manicures.
46. clothes fresh out of the dryer.
45. bubble wrap.
44. when the vending machine glitches and you get two snacks.
43. peeling off your socks on a hot day.
42. opening a new book.
41. when you make someone laugh.
40. rereading a good book.
39. when your favorite blogger posts.
38. finally taking off your heels.
37. lazy strolls in the rain.
36. new hair colors.
35. driving to school on a foggy morning.
34. overhearing someone saying nice things about you.
32. waking up before your alarm goes off.
31. when somebody calls you pretty.
30. when you get a new follower.
29. freshly washed hair.
28. buying a new phone case.
27. jamba juice on a hot day.
26. swivel chairs.
25. becoming a blogger again.

It's the first day of summer vacation and I couldn't be happier.


  1. Such an entertaining list! I especially agree with numbers 46 and 47. The feeling of warm clothes fresh out of the drawer (especially pajamas!) is unlike any other... Hope you have a delightful summer vacation!
    ~ Sanjana

  2. Bubble wrap is so much fun... people think I'm immature for popping it, but hey, I don't think I'm alone on this one. Love this <3

    xoxo Morning

  3. If it were the first day of summer vacation, I couldn't imagine being happier either. These are lovely little things x

    The Life of Little Me

  4. This post is amazing! You always have such brilliant ideas. :) Can't wait for part 2! <3

  5. 26! I <3 swivel chairs! Great list!

  6. Dear Arushee,

    This is such a fantastic list. "bubble wrap" and "when the vending machine glitches and you get two snacks" < these two are just GAH. so much goodness there. x) And YES, swivel chairs!! Love them so much. I love the bright, happy energy you've channeled into this post. <3


    1. thank you SO much, Abbie! I really appreciate that :))

  7. Amazing list. I totally agree with #45 and I'd add air-fills :) #43, #27, and #26 are pure genius <3
    I added your blog onto my Welcome Home New Tab Page as an extension so you should expect more comments from me :)


  8. i love this list! for some reason, it makes me even happier that summer is here.
    have a great summer xxx.

    1. I hope you have a great summer too! :) Thank you very much

  9. I loved reading this post and I can't wait to see what else you add in the upcoming parts. :)

  10. Great list! I loved reading it! :)
    ~Katie@ sparklyambitions.blogspot.com

  11. Haha, vending machines glitches are the best.

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