four seasons


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Michigan Summers
It all starts by the lake. Sunrises in bursts of pastel colors, light pinks and oranges that explode into dark colors as the morning deepens. Sand finds its way into my shoes, gritty bits lodged between my toes. Time creeps by slowly, but soon enough the afternoon arrives. The sun shoots through the canopy of trees like a knife through cheese. The woods are suddenly illuminated, the bright rays magically brightening millions of small dewdrops. The midday heat grows almost unbearable, but the sun soon pulls away to expose a dry, cold night.

California Autumns
Days start to pass. Days turn into weeks, which turn into months - and suddenly summer is gone.  It's not much of a gradual process: one day the sun shines bright and the trees are green, and the next? Branches once covered with green leaves have turned yellow, and the streets are now littered with gold. Stores are filled with mahogany accessories and the scents of vanilla and pumpkin rise in the air. The world becomes joyous and proud - almost regal.

Nevada Winters
The warmth slowly ebbs away until there is no heat left - and the snow starts to fall. Crystallized flakes fall to the ground in romantic spirals and leave the earth covered in inches of powdery goodness. Winter - you're gorgeous. Everything about you is gorgeous. The way snow-covered branches glimmer in the feeble sunlight. The way lakes transform into perfectly smooth, serene ice-skating rinks. The way hills become home to gleeful children whizzing by on homemade sleds. The slopes become populated quickly, many a skier renting winter homes and spending days cruising down the snow-covered hills.

California Springs
First sign: the rain starts to fall. It's magical - a much-needed hydration for the parched valley. The water pushes bursting buds over the edge, and flowers start to bloom everywhere. Brightly-colored blossoms line the streets and grow anywhere they can - cracks in the sidewalks and concrete. Their quench for life is passionate - and irresistible.

While the seasons shift, I can almost hear the music floating on the wind. A strange but beautiful cross between the gentle trills of a flute and the powerful voice of an opera singer. There's something special about the music - an upbeat calmness, a simple tune with just enough spunk to make it magical.


  1. This is such a pretty post, Arushee :)

  2. oh my goodness these pictures are beautiful and i love how there are two californias :)))

  3. I love every season you wrote, although my favorite is Michigan summers, you are very talented!

  4. Ah, this makes me feel alive. I crave for it to be summer again, but I love curling in and spending late winter evenings (where it acts blizzard-like) because of the coziness. ^.^

    xoxo Morning

  5. Oh, your words are so, so, so lovely. <3

  6. Oh, thank you for this, dear Arushee. xx Your writing is just so lovely.
    ~ Sanjana

  7. very beautifully expressed Arushi!!

  8. oh oh oh <3<3
    beautiful (my favourite season is autumn--and i agree, it's hella regal hehe)

    hugs xx

  9. Every last word of this is so beautiful and perfect oh my goodness. This feels like a really lame comment but iT'S SO TRUE. thank you for this. ♥


    1. aw that's not lame at all. thank you so much <3<3

  10. I love your header, and your writing is so beautiful!

  11. I love your header, and your writing is so beautiful!

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