what blogging means to us // a collaboration


A little more than a year ago, I discovered Blogger. A few laborious hours later, I had set up a rough little blog for myself, trying to model it after a few of my favorite teen bloggers. Although I spent hours trying to remove just a few blogger defaults, I ended up with a dark blue background clashing horribly with an extremely odd, size 14 pink font. 

Unadorned Gifts certainly began as a less-than-humble little spot of the internet. However, in only a year, my blog has grown from a reader-less spot to a place full of love. A place through which I've met so many wonderful bloggers and made so many new friends.

Blogging has made such a big impact on my life. I know that interacting with this wonderful community makes me feel amazing -- and I know that I'm definitely not the only person who feels this way. This is why I turned to some of my favorite bloggers to talk about what blogging means to them...
My blogging journey started in October 2011, on a weekday afternoon while I was on the phone with my mom. I was so excited when I found Blogger and created my first blog, Loving Your American Girl Doll. I remember playing with the design and playing with my words. I remember having no idea as to what I was doing.

And it's so amazing to be able to sit here and say that my passions from Day 1 have carried me through to the four year mark of my blogging path. In fact, my passion has multiplied. Blogging is my way to tap into the online world and feel like I'm part of something.

Blogging has empowered me and grown my confidence in ways I never thought possible. There are so many wonderful, supportive souls out here on the web, and when I come in contact with one, it fills me up with warmth. It makes me wiggle my toes and tip my head back toward the ceiling to whisper, "Thank You, God. Thank You for this."

I met one of my best friends because of blogging. I've learned to express myself and let free the creative build up that stirs inside of me. My writing has improved greatly, and I've learned enough about websites that I now own a business dedicated toward helping other bloggers build their online presence in a way that best fits who they are. Not only that, I'm inspired daily by the content that I'm connected with via other blogs, take part in communities while starting to build my own.
Because of blogging, I'm a better person.

So what does blogging mean to me?

Blogging used to mean numbers. It used to mean vying for people's attention and hoping for a follow (or two). But now it's so much more than that.

For me, blogging means a wide range of things. A creative outlet. Friends. Community. Inspiration. Personal growth. Helping others. Designing. Learning more about myself and learning more about other people. It means working the Internet and finding my place.

Blogging means everything to me.
Nicole Rose (known to many as Rosie) is a teen blogger who has been stumbling down her blogging path since late 2011. She values creative expression and self-knowledge, and fully believes that everyone is capable of making their big dreams come true. She owns a design shop that shares her name and has created a plan to eat all the peanut butter cups in the world free eCourse just for you. You can also find her over at her blog, Self Known.
For me, it means community, friendship, and learning. Blogging is always something that I will turn to if I need to just write. When the publish button gets hit, and the comments come in, I get the best feeling. Blogging has allowed me to write things that otherwise would've just sat in my head, wanting to be something written. I would've never met all my blogging friends, and couldn't have possibly learned all I now know about coding. While writing this, I realized how much blogging has changed me, and how much I love everything about blogging. I am so grateful for blogging!
Bryleigh is a 15 year old redhead who enjoys designing, crafting, life learning and read among many other things. Her blog is A Little Yarn Blossom, where she blogs about anything and everything. 
For me, blogging is all about the encouragement. We have a way to reach out and touch each other through what God has given us to share. Showing others little parts of my soul through my words is a part of who I am. Blogging is a way of doing that. It’s a way to love people—to encourage and inspire others to lead a beautiful and faithful walk with God. The internet is a big place with a lot of people, and I want to touch as many as I can. 
Rebekah Lane is an eighteen-year-old writer and photographer who is striving to live her life completely for God. She loves teaching kids and traveling. One of her true passions is creating for her Lord and helping others to see Him more clearly through art. Her book, Etched on My Heart, is available on most bookstore sites. Her blog is Found and Cherished.
When I started blogging via Tumblr, it was the simple task of pressing a button to share people's gif sets and text posts through the web. But I wanted much more than that. I wanted my voice to be heard. 

I've done it all: lifestyle, fashion (don't ask about this HORRID phase please), writing, and I've found comfort in the least expected of mediums. I used to pride myself in being a storyteller, being able to write about my journeys. But where did I find my home? Photography. Capturing the small moments that make one's life whole. I'm no expert, in fact, I'm just barely getting started, but through this detour I've learned that life will take you where you're supposed to be. 

Several blog names, themes, and URLs later, here I am as Miss Elephantess, and I couldn't be happier.
Devanshi, from Elephantess, is a Desi-American teenager that has been blogging since the summer of 2014. If you catch her when she's not discovering the world, you'll most likely find her golfing, dancing, or sharing stories through her amateur photography.
I threw my words out to the wind,
heaving with fear and hope.
Because I know it's a harsh world out there.
It bruises you and wrecks you.
You find that you are just ruins and plains.

But I am a reckless girl --
overtaken by moments of fearless constellations.
So I threw my words out there
like a bird diving off a cliff,
hoping that something would catch them.

The prideful found my words,
and threw them away.
I admit, it broke my heart.
But then you, the loveliest ripple of stars
I ever set eyes upon,
picked them up with tender fingers,
and set them softly in your pocket.
For you weeped over lost things,
and gave them a home.

And you'll find me up on that cliff 
writing "thank you"s on paper airplanes,
and sending them your way. 
I'm Cally! A broken girl in Colorado who has roots in mountain soil. I'm a daughter of the Most High and just a measly writer. I spend most of my time loving chickens, laughing hard, and sobbing over fictional characters. It's a pleasure to meet you. ♥


  1. beautiful beautiful <33
    these are all lovely humans and i'm so glad they're blogging today =)

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  3. I absolutely love this post. There are so many ways being able to share unspoken words can mean something to people. Blogger is a beautiful community and I never thought about this before, but it's an immensely important factor in our lives. Once we have one we never go back. How else are we supposed to scream our opinions?

    The Life of Little Me

    1. You put that so well. I'm glad you liked it :)

  4. I feel the warmth and the fuzzies...*big cyber hug with everyone in our community*

    1. :) thank you for being a part of our community!!

  5. All of these people are great bloggers! Loved this post!

  6. I adore all these bloggers! :) I think blogging is a different journey for each of us. When I started my blogging journey, I was a confused eleven-year-old. I, too, have tried blogging about books to fashion to makeup. My heart has finally settled over at Peridot Cove, and I love all the readership and encouragement over on it. x It fills my soul with happiness, no kidding. I love each and every one of you girls. <3
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Blogging is definitely a unique journey for all of us! I'm glad you're enjoying it:)

  7. These are some of my favorite bloggers too! When I started blogging, everything seemed so new, confusing, and wonderful, all at the same time. I love our blogger community!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Those three adjectives just about sum it up :) So do I <3

  8. This is such a beautiful collaboration! I loved it! :)

  9. Gorgeous. <3 I love how you all shared your stories, and how unique and different they are.

    1. Thank you, Waverly <3 I loved hearing everyone's stories as well!

  10. YES. I completely adore this post. Amazing job putting it together, Arushee!

    1. I'm glad you like how it turned out! Thank YOU so much for joining :)

  11. OH MY HEART<3

    they summarised everything i ever wanted to say. thank you arushee, for bringing together these wonderful people to remind me what blogging is.

    (p.s.: also, i'm so, so sorry i wasn't able to send my piece in time :( i must have made you wait so long for me, and i sincerely apologise. i hope you'll forgive me; life has been crazy lately <3)

    1. thank youuu <3

      and don't worry it's totally fine! It's not your fault at all :)

  12. Love this post!


  13. Aaah! I love this post<3 Thank you for collaborating this, lovely!

  14. Oh what a sweet post, the blogging community is definitely one of the hi-lights, as is getting to own a space that you can physically watch grow and develop as you do, and I think that's pretty cool!
    x Erin
    The Halfway Point Blog

    1. It is pretty awesome :-) Thank you, Erin!

  15. The emotion in this post proves what the wonder of being able to share your heart and the words in that have been trapped in your mind forever can do. I loved it so so so much. It's beautiful.

    -T. x

  16. What a lovely idea for a collaboration! I've seen many posts about this topic -"what blogging means to me"- and I must say that I couldn't have written a better post myself. Asking others to join in was such a good idea. Blogging is a wonderful experience -unique for everyone but always an amazing creative outlet- and I'm really glad you managed to portray it so well. This summarises everything I could have hoped to say and more about the emotion I feel when I think of blogging and our community. :)

    x Yasmine

    I'm sorry to put this in a comment under such a great post, but I moved URL and you were a follower of my old blog, but my GFC widget is malfunctioning, so if you unfollow and refollow you should be receiving my posts again in the Blogger dashboard. If you still want to follow, you’re welcome to. You can find the new blog here. I'd love to see you there! :)

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you could relate!! And I will go follow your new blog right now :)

  17. This was a GREAT collab post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. And you have VOWELS in your blog name! :)
    ~ Suzy

    1. Thank you, Suzy! I'm great you enjoyed reading it! and yes I do((:

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