50 little things // part 2


part 1 here.

24. long bike rides with the wind blowing in your face.
23. laughing hysterically at random things with the people you love.
22. strangers who smile back.
21. realizing you no longer care about something that used to make you upset.
20. cool, clean sheets & freshly shaved legs.  
19. rediscovering old music you haven't heard for years.
18. finding money on the street.
17. finally cutting off people who make your life harder than it needs to be.
16. when your food comes at a restaurant.
15. when someone tells you "you made my day."
14. getting all dressed up.
13. changing into a t-shirt and shorts at the end of a long day.
12. hugging someone you haven't seen in a really long time.
11. music that never fails to make you dance.
10. finding a new song that you can't stop listening to. 
9. instantly connecting with someone you just met.
8. looking in the mirror and realizing you don't look half as bad as you thought.
7. climbing into bed at the end of an exhausting day.
6. compliments from people you don't really know.
5. complimenting people you don't really know.
4. getting closure.
3. accomplishing something you thought you couldn't do.
2. finding out that the amazing book you just read is part of a series.
1. waking up after an lovely, uninterrupted dream. 

I can't believe I haven't posted on my blog in almost six months. I'm so glad to be back after a hard and busy year which ended up getting the better of me. Also isn't my new design just gorgeous? It's from the amazing Sky and Stars - it was so easy have it designed and installed. I've missed you guys. How are you all? 


  1. Looks like I'm going to have to tell people they've made my day more often x

    The Life of Little Me

  2. I'm so glad your back!! I've missed your posts!<3
    I love #10 XD

  3. Welcome back A, we sure missed you!!

    My grandmother once said, "How different the world would be if every single person, every day, just took time to recognize one little nice thing about life!" I think she's entirely correct, and this post reminds me of her <3 My favorite things are 24-22, 9, and 15. :)

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. THANK YOU!! And I love that... I think she's completely correct too :)

  5. Welcome back Arushee! Beautiful layout. :)

    The things on that list are so distinct and lovely.

  6. Goodness gracious how i love little lists like this! (gee that's kinda a tongue twister isn't it hehe)
    But seriously, i love it when people make it so beautiful to see the good in things and be thankful.

  7. We've all missed you, Arushee! It's great to have you back.
    - Sanjana

  8. You're back! Yay! Number 3 is my absolute favorite.

  9. Arushee, it's so so good to have you back! I also took a five month break (without any warning) but I'm so happy to be back.
    Loved this post so much. You have the most wonderful blog.

    (By the way, number 2 gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me.)


    1. I'm glad to be back too! And thank you so much!!

  10. These are all such lovely little things! This list is perfect <3 Also, love the design!

  11. What a gorgeous blog! So glad I got to read this lovely post, and I'm glad you're back! I completely understand the whirlwind that is life and school that completely takes over your life (haha). I'll definitely be coming back! Keep up the beautiful writing (:

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